Fragrance Launch Dinner

Fragrance Launch Dinner

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Join us at the Miller Gallery for an exclusive four-course dinner party celebrating the launch of our unisex fragrance line. Discover our fragrances in an immersive sensory experience inspired by the nostalgic power of smell. Each course will transport you to a different time, place or feeling conjured by the olfactory magic of our four scents. Expect fun dishes, fine wine and good company.

Event details:

May 1st at 6:30 PM

149 1/2 East Bay St, Charleston, SC

Limited spots available.

What’s included:

- 20% off all Naked Eyes products including the fragrance line

- samples of each fragrance

- portion of proceeds go towards Amor Healing Kitchen

- 4 courses, 4 beverage pairings by Justin Booher of Amor Healing Kitchen

- taxes + gratuity

PS: Remember to wear as few scents (lotion, perfume) as you can to the dinner.

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